Andrianna Moulinos also known as Antikki, is a handpoke tattoo artist and illustrator. Handpoke is a traditional method of tattooing where the process is made all by hand rather than a machine. Her introduction to this technique and becoming a professional tattooist happened very organically. Already having experience in the creative industry and studying Art and Design, she went on to learn handpoke tattoo while travelling in Nepal and India in 2017. Her knowledge and experience of tattooing is self-taught, while being influenced by other nomadic tattoo artists who she met on her travels. 

Once she arrived back home in the UK she had the experience and portfolio required to work in tattoo studios across different cities including Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, London and Europe. One of her highlights is being involved with Meadow's in the Mountain's festival in Bulgaria where she has her own tattoo stall.

From being introduced to tattooing so naturally, Andrianna was able to appreciate it's ceremonial purpose and the origins of why we tattoo. To permanently mark our skin is to symbolise a transformation, and the painful process of attaining it is just as important as the final aesthetic. This is why Andrianna has chosen handpoke as her practice because the process is much more natural and intimate, with the tattoo being created by her own energy. The final aesthetic consists of unique dotwork that can not be achieved with a machine and all of her designs are
 custom made and exclusive for each client.

The initial inspiration for her style comes from symbolism and art found in indigenous cultures. This includes artefacts from Mesoamerica and the art from tribes in Africa and India. She also takes inspiration from spirituality, nature and her love for dance and the music industry. Weaving together these ancient and modern cultural influences with our connection to nature, shows us that we are one collective consciousness. Andrianna finds it important for her art to tell this story through symbolism so it creates a universal language that everyone can connect with.

Since her style has developed, she has furthered her illustrative work by designing branding for businesses, music posters and merchandise for Samedia Shebeen. She also designed 'Macumbadaboa' album artwork for Brazilian based record label Kafundo Records. 

To keep up to date with Andrianna's work, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook or visit her online shop to purchase prints and handmade artwork.



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